Academic Planning

The senior vice president for Academic Affairs staffs the Board of Governors’ Committee on Educational Planning, Policies and Programs. Academic Affairs supports the committee’s responsibilities by:

  • Reviewing the long-range plan for UNC (includes definition of mission and assignment of functions for each campus)
  • Developing long-range enrollment projections and plans; assisting in preparation of the annual legislative enrollment budget request 
  • Planning, developing and reviewing academic programs and recommending processes to establish new degree programs. 
    Campus Degree Program Priorities
  • Coordinating campus distance education activities and developing UNC Online 
  • Establishing inter-institutional institutes and centers, as well as other organizational changes 
  • Monitoring initiatives that serve the needs of North Carolina's public schools
  • Monitoring assessment and accountability measures and outcomes 
  • Recommending procedures and standards for the licensing of non-public or out-of-state educational institutions and reviewing such institutions that apply for a license to operate in North Carolina 
  • Producing special reports and conducting planning initiatives (in response to legislative mandates)
  • Producing various annual reports that are mandated by legislation or by the Board of Governors