Campus Chairs Committee 

Campus chairs meet monthly to discuss on-campus issues. 
Kevin Snook - Chair

Budget and Planning Committee 

Develops an understanding of UNC Strategic Planning and Budgets and determines the best way to communicate this to the staff assembly and to the staff at the 17 campuses.
Mandee Lancaster - Chair

Communications Committee 

Facilitates open communication among staff and between staff and General Administration in an effective and efficient manner utilizing appropriate and available technologies.
Patsy Seiler - Chair

Governance Committee

Serves as a resource for the UNC Staff Assembly on questions relating to the Bylaws and/or of parliamentary procedure. In accordance with UNC Staff Assembly Bylaws, the committee shall review all Assembly constitutions and/or bylaws, when adopted or amended, for conflict or inconsistency with the UNC Staff Assembly documents. The committee shall advise the UNC Staff Assembly on resolving conflicts with the UNC Staff Assembly documents, if any.
Sharon Mitchell - Chair
Parlimentary Procedure Training

HRDB Committee

Recommends necessary changes to Human Resource Policies across the University system.  To review and analyze diversity, compensation and benefits policies and practices of institutions in the University of North Carolina system as they relate to SPA and EPA non-faculty staff employees and retirees.
Daphine Richardson - Chair

Nominating Committee

Manages the leadership succession process on behalf of the Staff Assembly:  Work with the assembly to identify nominees based on the strengths and needs of the assembly (including the need for diversity as defined by the assembly).  Identify potential nominees. Maintain a data base of candidates.  Screen candidates’ eligibility and assess qualifications for service.  Prepare a nomination slate.
Shalene Griffin - Chair

The Nominating Committee is currently seeking nominations for Chair-elect, Communications Officer and At-Large Delegate.

Nomination form. (Please make sure you click submit at the end of the form) 

If you are nominated, you will be contacted by a member of the Nomination Committee to verify your interest. Elections will be held at our October meeting. 

Staff Development Committee 

Investigates ways in which the staff can benefit from training programs and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee. The committee shall address such issues as career and professional development, and basic skills development.  This committee organizes the Chancellors Cup Golf Tournament and oversees the application and award process for the the Janet B. Royster Staff Development Scholarship..

Wyona Goodwin - Co-Chairs