2016 Social Entrepreneurship Conference

2016 Social Entrepreneurship Conference

About UNC's Social Entrepreneurship Conference

The competition asks students to go into communities to assess community needs, then work on teams to develop new or improved ways of addressing those needs, Faculty and staff, as well as representatives from campus-based offices of the Small Business and Technology Development Center, assist students by providing context and insights into team business plans. The emphasis is on field research, written and oral communication, teamwork and creativity.The 2016 UNC Social Entrepreneurship Conference is the 4th time student teams will gather in one place at one time to imagine new ways of addressing problems facing North Carolina communities. This February 16, teams form all 17 UNC campuses will gather at NCA&T State University for a day-long conference and competition focused on innovative approaches to challenges. social entrepreneurship. It is the largest event the UNC General Administration organizes each year, and the only state-wide competition focused on social entrepreneurship. 

At the conference, a blue ribbon panel of judges review the plans and select those most likely to succeed.

We hope you will join us this February 16 for this exciting event!

For further information about the conference, sponsorship opportunities, or details of participation, please contact Kelley Gregory at UNC General Administration. 



Please use this link to begin the registration process:  https://ncat2.gosignmeup.com/2016SEC

What you will need BEFORE you begin the registration process:

1.  Person’s name, email address, classification (i.e. student, campus administrator, faculty, community member, etc.), and if person is requesting a gluten free meal to register for the Conference.

2. You may enter one, two or 22 names of your campus delegation in either one visit or multiple visits to the site.   If you need to return to the system to continue registration, start with the next person on the list.



1.    Click the ‘New User to create a new account’. If you receive a response that your name is in the system & you do not remember the password, click "Forgot Password" option & check your email.  

2.     Enter the required information and click ‘Submit’.

3.    Select conference name under ‘Upcoming Conferences’.

4.    Select the conference and ‘Add to Cart’.

      a.     Note: If you are registering several individuals, check the multiple enroll box under ‘Add to Cart’. Then click on ‘Add New User’ and enter and email address, classification, etc.  When all names are entered, click on ‘Complete Enrollment’.

5.    Click the 'Checkout' tab (under 'My Registrations' on the top left).

6.    Your registration information will appear.  

7.    Scroll down the page and click 'Submit' to complete your registration. Registration confirmation page will appear.  You have the option of printing the confirmation page.

If you experience any technical issues with registering for the Conference, please contact Pat White (registration guru) directly at whitep@ncat.edu or 336-285-3799.