Words of Wisdom: Advice from a Transfer Student

January 2015: I am ready to be a Bulldog but I’m also nervous. New school, new classes, new friends, new LIFE. I’ve just finished my College Transfer degree from McDowell Technical Community College and I know UNC Asheville is the right place for me. I know mass communication will be the right degree for me, but change is always a little scary, and transferring into a university mid-school year is especially nerve-wracking. Will I feel behind? Will I be able to keep up? Did I miss the chance to join any of the clubs and organizations I’ve read about? And, even though I feel too old to be worrying about this, will I make any friends?

December 2016: I am graduating with distinction in mass communication soon. I’ve just completed undergraduate research and I’m writing this from the desk of my internship with the university’s Communications and Marketing Department. I also work with another department on campus called Transition and Parent Programs. I live in a house with friends who I used to live with in West Ridge residence hall. Everything I once worried about seems so far away.

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