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  • Top Stories of 2017

    The 10 Most-Read Features of the Year

    Take a look back at the 10 most-read UNC system feature stories of 2016. Science, technology, instruction, and service to the state and the world were the highlights of the year.


  • Buzzworthy

    Research from the Hive to the Lab

    Dozens of young honey bees swirled and buzzed through the air on the warm, late June day. The two undergraduates, though, weren’t sure how to proceed. Collecting bees for research purposes isn’t covered in most classes.

    UNCG’s Sara Rubio Correa and Erin Estes, a Northern Michigan University ecology and mathematics major visiting UNCG for the summer Math-Bio Research Experience for Undergraduates program, asked Professor of Biology Olav Rueppell for help. Dr. Rueppell, who runs UNCG’s Social Insect Lab, was happy to demonstrate.

  • Native Narratives

    Carolina may be the oldest public university in the nation, but its 224 years are just a sliver of the history of this area. Long before Revolutionary War Gen. William R. Davie (as the legend goes) sat under a poplar tree and decided this was where the University should be built, indigenous people lived here – hunting, gathering, trading.

  • As lawmakers in Washington work to enact the most extensive tax reform in a generation, they must be wary of unintended consequences for the nation’s colleges and universities. As president of the University of North Carolina system and a former U.S. secretary of education, under President George W. Bush, I am deeply concerned by provisions in both the House and Senate tax-reform bills that threaten our nation’s students and the institutions that serve them.

  • NC State students Emily Neville and Carly Kvietok believe that the old clothing at the back of your closet has a story, and they want to ensure that story is far from over.

    That’s why they created Reborn Clothing Co. to transform clothing you no longer wear into new products.

  • How do you study a graph if you can’t see it?

    That’s the problem that faced East Carolina University students Lee Brame and Regan Simmer, his tutor at the Pirate Academic Success Center. The solution, it turned out, was puffy paint.

    Brame lost his eyesight due to a hereditary disorder called retinitis pigmentosis.

    “They told me at 13 I’d be blind at 20,” he said. “But it affects everybody differently, and I made it to 37 and a half.”

  • Five UNC institutions will waive application fees for a week

    For North Carolina high school students, filling out college applications just got better.

  • A model of education, service

    Chadwick receives UNC system award for public service

    Dr. Gregory Chadwick, dean of East Carolina University’s School of Dental Medicine, was awarded the 2017 Gov. James E. Holshouser Jr. Award for Excellence in Public Service on Friday, Nov. 3.

    The UNC Board of Governors bestows the honor each year on one faculty member from the University of North Carolina system who exemplifies public service toward improving the quality of life for all North Carolinians.

  • Laura Scheving is a prolific artist. As a student in UNCSA School of Design & Production’s Scene Painting program, she has a strong visual arts background and she simply can't stop creating art.

    “(Art pieces) were just piling up and it wasn’t like I was selling them or was doing anything with them. I was just creating them,” Scheving says. “Then it hit me. What if I actually did (art) for a purpose, for something that has a message attached to it?”

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