Feature Stories

  • Mammal expert Roland Kays tracks the movement of animals around the world, from weasel-like fishers in Albany, New York, to maneless lions in Tsavo, Kenya. Now GPS data from those studies – along with research on 55 other species – are giving researchers a global look at how human activity affects mammal movement.


    On March 19, University of North Carolina System President Margaret Spellings will deliver a much-anticipated State of the University speech at University of North Carolina at Charlotte Center City. Her address will highlight the UNC System’s most significant recent achievements while also mapping out a vision for invigorating the ways its 17 institutions serve the state.

  • UNC Greensboro professor
    Michael J. Kane

  • With little to go on but fragments of oral history and the scant clues they could glean from a decaying steel hull, a team of East Carolina University maritime studies students has helped piece together the identity and story of a shipwreck in the Pamlico Sound near Rodanthe.

  • Breaking Straps To Test Their Strength

    GREENSBORO, N.C — Have you ever wondered just how strong those straps are that hold down loads on tractor-trailers? Or have you wondered how safe it is to drive on a highway behind a truck with a load tied down by these straps?

  • Year Two in Review

    UNC System President Margaret Spellings Celebrates Second Anniversary

    On her second anniversary in office, UNC System President Margaret Spellings recently looked back on the achievements over the past year and what the future holds for the System with Deborah Holt-Noel of UNC-TV. Here are some of the questions President Spellings addressed.

  • Speaking math

    Imagine spending an entire lifetime reading one sentence — that’s the kind of problem Joaquín Drut faces every day. The UNC physicist works with numbers too large to compute in an effort to better understand the way our universe works.

    Sometimes a single word acts as a powerful tool for communicating a whole world of knowledge. The Portuguese word saudade, for example, evokes a deep melancholic yearning for something or someone we’ve lost — but the short, three-syllable word encompasses more than that.

  • When UNCSA drama student Hassiem Muhammad scored a role in a one-act play inspired by the stories of burn survivors and their caregivers, he realized it would be a rare opportunity for a young actor like himself.

    Hassiem had never worked on a new play before, much less one that would evolve in real time with the playwright in the rehearsal room accepting input from the actors.

  • A student’s design for a modular restaurant created from shipping containers that can be disassembled, transported and reassembled took one of the top honors in the Planning and Visual Education (PAVE) 2017 Student Design Competition.

    Emma Morris, a senior in Appalachian State University’s interior design program, competed against more than 400 other entries and took third place, receiving $2,500 in scholarship funds. She was also recognized at the annual PAVE gala in December 2017 in New York City in front of an audience of more than 700 designers, retailers and suppliers.

  • University launches statewide advisory board to chart path forward

    A new review released by the University of North Carolina System takes a close look at the System’s undergraduate teacher preparation programs with an eye toward effective literacy instruction.

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