Feature Stories

  • The smart solution

    UNC campuses help rural NC areas become ‘smart and connected communities’

    Arcot Rajasekar knows there’s a technology gap between North Carolina’s urban and rural communities.

  • Steady Eyes

    Putting research aims at insights to brain-eye connection

    If you’ve ever been to a golf course while a lesson was going on, you’ve probably heard this exchange:

    Golf pro: Keep your eye on the ball.

    Golfer: Why? The ball’s not going anywhere.

    Now, researchers at East Carolina University are putting numbers to that instruction of keeping your eye on the ball – a steady eye.

  • Approaching the finish line

    UNC initiative aims to help former students earn their undergraduate degrees

    It was a bittersweet moment when Isaac Smith attended his 50th anniversary reunion at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University last year.

  • Dr. Cassandra Kwon’s career in textiles started with a soda bottle. As a junior at a Raleigh high school, Kwon listened with curiosity while a visiting student ambassador from NC State’s College of Textiles held up a plastic soda bottle and described how the bottle, made of polymers, was an example of textile science. Kwon, surprised and intrigued by the diversity of the field, considered a career in science for the first time.

  • IDEALL Opportunity

    Joint speech program between UNCG, WCU gives students a way to earn their doctorate

    Summer McMurry runs a full-time business she started in Asheville in addition to being a wife and mother of three children. Pursuing her doctorate, without a nearby program, wasn’t an option for her --until now.

  • “Ron Rash is a treasure of the University and the state, and it seems only fitting that he has been selected to receive the Guggenheim Fellowship. I had the opportunity to attend one of Ron’s readings as part of my visit to Western Carolina University last March—it was a privilege and pleasure to be in the presence of a literary giant.
  • Patent Success

    Doctoral student helps develop cancer-fighting compound

    Having your name on a U.S. patent isn't so unusual for university scientists.

    But to have your name on a patent while still a student - that's another story.

  • A Living Exhibit

    Unique partnership puts UNC system professors, students on display at Museum of Natural Sciences

    For Jim Johnson, it’s one thing to discuss paleontology with his eighth grade science class at Lucas Middle School in Durham. It’s quite another for him to show his students actual paleontologists at work.

  • Power Up

    UNC GA grant supports Appalachian, New River Light and Power and energy research across UNC system

    Over the past decade, Appalachian State University has amassed one of the largest and the most diverse portfolio of renewable energy facilities in the state of North Carolina. The university is home to the state’s largest wind turbine and leader of the Appalachian Energy Summit – an initiative that has saved the University of North Carolina system, together with industry partners, close to $500 million in avoided energy costs over the past six years.

  • Full STEAM Ahead

    UNC Asheville’s new maker space combines efforts of engineering, arts students

    It would be easy to consider the University of North Carolina at Asheville’s first-ever team competing at the SAE College Design Series an underdog.