Judging Rubric


2016 Social Entrepreneurship Conference

Business Plan Judging Rubric

1.       Market Analysis and Sustainability 35%

Market & Competition 15%

·         Addresses a clearly-identified and proven social need (philanthropic or commercial)

·         Clearly demonstrates dialogue with community groups

·         Idea is differentiated from competitors, adds something new

·         Quantified market size


Financial Sustainability 10%

·         Business model is financially feasible: value created is greater than costs incurred/or clear and dependable philanthropic revenue stream exists

·         Business model is fundable: attractive for future investors and donors


Creativity of Solution 10%

·         Idea proposed demonstrates a creative, appealing, and entrepreneurial solution to the identified challenge


2.      Social Impact Potential 30%

      Social Value Proposition 20%

·         Has a clearly-identified social value proposition, the solution must clearly help to address the social problem

·         Relates closely to community need

·         Generates social value above and beyond current state and/or next best available solution


            Quantified Social Impact 10%

·         Potential Social Impact projections are based on reasonable assumptions and credible data that can be evaluated

·         Plan has identified operational metrics (“social indicators”) that strongly relate to desired social outcomes


3.      Likelihood of Success 10%

      Implementation 10%

·         Clearly defined vision and growth objectives

·         Roadmap for implementation, including connections/partners, customer acquisition strategy


4.      Presentation 25%

Formal presentation 10%

·         Quality of presentation

·         Adherence to time limits

·         Good use of props


Q&A 15%

·       Satisfactorily answers judges questions