Reverse Transfer Program


The Reverse Transfer Program is a collaborative effort between North Carolina's Community Colleges and the University of North Carolina's 16 constituent institutions.

Students who transfer to a North Carolina university from one of the 58 North Carolina community colleges are given the opportunity to combine the credits earned at the university with credit already earned at the community college to determine if the associate degree requirements have been met.     

Why should I participate in the Reverse Transfer Program?


Robert Pope

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Melissa Long
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Tim Wilson

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You may have already earned a degree.

The associate's degree can help you be more competitive for employment and earn more while working towards the bachelor's degree. 

Life Happens.

Life does not always go as planned, but obtaining a college degree is important in today's competitive job market.  The Reverse Transfer Program can make sure you receive the degree you have earned.

Increase your earning potential.

Earning an associate degree can contribute to your earning power and is a marketable credential for your resume, immediately.