Technology-Based Learning and Innovation

Senior Technology-Based Learning and Innovation Officer

Vice President, Office of Technology-Based Learning and Innovation | 919-843-5705
Mr. Rascoff leads online and blended learning at UNC, serving our 90,000 students who take courses online each year in 337 degree and certificate programs. He oversees the university’s learning innovation strategy, marketing, R&D, professional development, and student experience and outcomes.

UNC Online Team

Diane Horton
UNC Online Proctoring Coordinator | 919-962-4786
The Proctoring Coordinator ensures proctors and proctoring sites meet defined test security and quality standards.  She/he also assists with website design and maintenance, proctor recruiting, and other duties as assigned. Additionally, the Coordinator provides support and guidance to online students, faculty members and proctors that participate in the UNC Online Proctoring Network.

Mandy Dough
UNC Online Service Manager | 252-737-4295
Ms. Dough is responsible for UNC Online customer service, and is the lead for our support interactions with students, prospective students, faculty and other stakeholders. She operates systems for managing relationships with these audiences, measuring performance, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Antonia Matthews
UNC Online Marketing Manager | 919 962 4466
Ms. Matthews is responsible for the Technology-Based Learning  and Innovation team’s online marketing strategy, and acts as the primary voice of UNC Online across social media channels. In this role, she builds partnerships, determines marketing platform and technology investments, and orchestrates collaboration between the 17 institutions of the University system to extend the reach of and create growth opportunities for UNC Online proctoring services, courses and degree programs.

Kevin Nathanson
UNC Online Product Manager | 919-962-4208
Mr. Nathanson is dedicated to improving the transparency, scalability, and efficiency of UNC Online. He is working to strengthen processes, develop priorities, open dialogue, and lead implementation with all our technology stakeholders, including campus registrars, bursars, distance education directors, IT departments, and testing centers.


UNC Online Fellows

UNC Online Analytics Fellow | 919-962-4901
The Fellow is responsible for data analytics and business intelligence for the team. He/she also oversees UNC Online’s site, aggregating all fully-online programs in the UNC System into a central informational tool to prospective students.

Competency Based Education

Michelle Solér, Ph.D.
Director for Competency Based Education and Assessment | 919-966-3202
Dr. Solér evaluates options, educates and builds consensus, and develops strategy for new, flexible, competency-based programs across the system. We are supporting three innovative campus-driven pilot projects across the state, integrating new models of internship-readiness and experiential learning into online programs. This position is also supporting UNC General Education Council efforts to measure student growth in critical thinking and written communication.

Support Staff

The Administrative Assistant coordinates the scheduling of meetings, events, and travel for Mr. Rascoff. She/he is responsible for the UNC Online team’s logistics. She/he supports the UNC Online Language Exchange.