New study by Appalachian Human Performance Laboratory finds banana compounds act as COX-2 inhibitor

What do banana metabolites and ibuprofen have in common? In a new study completed by Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Laboratory and published March 22 in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, both were found to inhibit COX-2 mRNA expression.

The study, “Metabolic recovery from heavy exertion following banana compared to sugar beverage or water only ingestion: A randomized, crossover trial,” contrasted banana ingestion during exercise to water alone or a six percent sugar beverage, which is similar to a sports drink.

The study showed that banana carbohydrates work equally to a sports drink to fuel athletes and help them with recovery. New metabolic findings revealed that banana metabolites potentially mimic how ibuprofen works to reduce pain and swelling, and how they help the immune system function effectively during a metabolically stressful time such as intense exercise.

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Originally published March 27, 2018. Written by Jennifer Woodward.


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